Healthline Survey Reveals Most Americans Know About the Dangers of Sugar, But Don’t Know What to Do About It

Healthline asked 3,223 Americans from across the country about their sugar consumption habits and awareness about added sugar in food.* More than half of respondents (62 percent) are concerned about the impact of sugar and how it affects their waistline, and 40 percent of respondents are likely to feel guiltier about eating too much sugar versus carbohydrates (22 percent) or fat (18 percent). One-third of those surveyed want to take action to reduce their sugar intake, and 1 in 10 (10 percent) have broken up with sugar. Surprisingly, 2 in 3 guess wrong on which popular food items contain more sugar. People are three times more likely to choose sweetened packaged cereal over the trendy “avo toast” (maybe it’s not as trendy as we thought).